Sufi Syed Afzal Nizami

And We have not sent you,[O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds. ( 9:107- Sureh Tauba-Quran)

As Prophet  Muhammad  (Swallalaho Alaiyh Wasallam) was sent as a guiding light to Humanity, after he left this world physically ( Though spiritually he is with us), his Descendants went to different  parts of the world. One of the branch entered India during early 13th Century from Central Asia. This branch is known as Bukhari Syed or Bhukhari Saadat.

Pir Khwaja Afzal Nizami is one the descendent of Prophet  Muhammad  (Swallalaho Alaiyh Wasallam), whose father was a Hussaini Syed and Mother was a Hassani Syeda. An expert in Urdu and Persian language. He has been part of many Sufi and Diplomatic Delegations sent by “Government of India for Peace Talk” in different countries past 30 years.Their family is taking care of Dargah Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia (R.A) Delhi past 800 years. Carrying long Sufi customs and traditions. He is also carrying the family legacy of Spiritual healing, Sufi chanting (Zikr-e-Chishtia Nizamia) and giving baiyt-making disciples in Chishti Nizami order. Being a head of Chishti Nizami order (Silsila Chishtia Nizamia) at Dargah Sharif, he organizes many big and small Sufi gatherings, Cultural meets, Food distributions within India. He has been invited as guest in different conferences, seminars and Cultural events in different parts of the world, where he represents Chishti Nizami order of India.


Syed Ajmal NizamiMaula Ali Ibne Abi Talib (K.W) said: “Surely the heart of the youth is like the uncultivated ground – it will accept whatever you throw upon it and that is what will grow from it

We have been sent to earth for 2 reasons, 1st is to do Ibadat of Almighty Allah and 2nd to serve other (Human and non-Human ). We receive Blessings and mercy in different forms, for me it came in the form of Khidmat/Serving Humanity. As being the Sajjada Nashin-Care taker of Dargah Nizamuddin Aulia (R.A) Delhi India. I’m the direct ancestral descendant of Prophet  Muhammad  (Swallalaho Alaiyh wasallam). My paternal genealogy leads us through many great names of Ahlul Baiyt, Imams, Aulia, Sufis, Wali, Abdaals, . My Grand Father was Hussaini Syed  and Grand Mother Hassani Syeda . My Father Is  Pir-Shaykh-e-Tariqat in

Chishtia-Nizamia order at Dargah Sharif Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia – Delhi, India.  We are serving Indians and International visitors/Pilgrims past 800 years. As Our Ancestors Came From Saudi Arabia crossing Asia minor to India and since then we are here spreading the message Of His Holiness Prophet Muhammad (Swallalaaho Alaiyh wasallam) and Hazrat Sufi Nizamuddin Aulia (R.A).

As Prophet Muhammad (Swalallaho Alaiyh wasallam) gave a new message to humanity and a new way of living to Arabs and uplifted them in a most Civilized People far better than Persians, Romans and Greeks. By giving prestigious level To Women, rights of Neighbors, respect for humans and other creations.  Same message was given by Sufis, the message of love, peace, tolerance, brotherhood, care and respect. To Make People Much More happier and civilized for a better social bonding. Now people recalls their lifelong service to Humanity.                                                

May Peace Be On You !!!

It’s One Of My Favourite Things And Practice That I Do And If I Will Start Elaborating This Specific Topic Will Take 4 To 5 Hours To Wrap Up But
Here I’m Writing It In Briefest Way I Can.
I Also Ask People Not To Follow But To Make It As A Daily Routine Of Their And To Make Their Problematic Schedule And Routine A Bit Easier,
I Will First Describe The Entire Above Mention Words One After The Other.

” ZIKR ” ( Chanting / Reciting )
It’s An Act Where People Chant Or Recite Few Specific Words, Names, Lines Or Phrases Given By Their Spiritual Mentor Or Sheikh/Pir.
These Words Can Be From Quran, Names Of ALLAH, Lines From Quran, Phrases Of Great Sufis Or From Hadiths (Sayings Of Prophet).

” FIQR ” ( Worrying )
It’s A Feel And Later It Will Develop As A Normal Thing But Will Have Tremendous Effect On Your Deeds. Because Your Murshid / Pir / Sheikh
Will Preach You How To Be Worried For Life After That Which Will Start After The Resurrection.

” SHUKRA ” (Gratitude)
It Has To Be Taken As For Everything That Happens For A Good And Noble Cause. As ALLAH Says In Quran
So In Every Situation There Should Be Thanks Giving And Love For Others